May 29, 2015

hsbcad Netherlands & Belgium User Meeting 2015

The dutch team unveiled their new office by the launching of their user meeting event that was attended by 56 customers from both the Netherlands and Belgium.

They were greeted by the entire dutch team as well as the Belgian core development team, all led by hsbcad owner, Mr Karel Vinckier.

The theme of the day carried an air of expectation and excitement from everyone, as Karel Vinckier and Arnoud Pol opened the event with the past and future of hsbcad,  to a group of people that truthfully may have not gathered for quite some time now in the past.

The event proceeded into break out sessions throughout the afternoon that gave customers the opportunity to see some of the new technologies such as

  • Production Controller – see more
  • Enhanced DSP roof and floor builder
  • New Wall Detail Builder
  • Innovative hsblabs – see more
  • IFC the way its meant to be!
  • General updates to every day user design

The event created huge optimism and positive feedback from customers and they were very glad of the growing strength of hsbcad.

The event ended with a drink at the bar….wait for it…in the NEW office.  The dutch team always get their priorities right!

Well done to all the hsbcad team

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