June 19, 2015

Cloud Accelerator

The team has returned from San Francisco, having participated for the past 14 days in the Cloud Accelerator organized by Autodesk in their office. It was an exciting and refreshing learning experience!

Autodesk is leading the way towards a hypothetical type of ‘operating system for 3D’ that will include: content, manufacturing, creation, rendering, analyzing, laser capturing, 3D printing, reconstruction from images … and, sooner or later, all of the drivers of this 3D stuff will run straight into the cloud.

A cool collaboration project

As part of our hsbCollaboration project in hsblabs, which enables a 3D model to be pushed to the hsbcad cloud service, we were seeking greater understanding of, and insight into the advantages of using, the View & Data API and AutoCAD IO from Autodesk.

hsbCollaboration is controlled from within AutoCAD (where the 3D model is pushed to) and registered inside the cloud folder. When the user shares with others, access is granted to the pushed model, so that the other users can navigate, view and leave notes (in the form of text and images) related to the model.

Our trip was a super opportunity to meet many key players in the Autodesk arena, as well as to network with some of the other collaborators − such as adkOps and BlackBox Orange, Cadpro, CTC and Cl3ver − who are all reaching out and reacting agilely to new trends in this space.

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