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CAD/CAM Technician – Lendlease Australia – hsbcad
2. February 2018

CAD/CAM Technician – Lendlease Australia

Location: Eastern Creek, NSW, Australia

Position Purpose
To prepare detailed CAD and CAM Programming files for DesignMake manufacturing and CNC equipment.

Functional/Internal Relationships

  • DesignMake
  • Lendlease Development
  • Lendlease Construction and Infrastructure
  • Capella Capital
  • Lendlease Design
  • Lendlease Centres of Excellence
  • LL Group / other LL regional entities (Asia, Americas, EMEA )

External Relationships

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Cost planners
  • Building Authorities & Standards Authorities
  • Industry representative bodies (FWPA etc)
  • Customers and potential customers

Qualifications and Experience

  • Relevant technical qualifications
  • Experience in programming CNC machinery in the building, cabinet making or manufacturing industry

Skills and Capabilities


  • 3D modelling and 2D drafting skills
  • Mechanical aptitude and good math skills
  • Skill in operating CNC machinery and tooling as well as precision measurement tools
  • Ability to read and interpret structural and building documents and drawings
  • Computer savvy with good understanding of computers and CAD/CAM


  • Outcome orientated
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Ability to act professionally and build trust, i.e. build partnerships/ relationships.
  • Strong interpersonal and facilitation skills, able to build trusting and respectful relationships with all levels of employees.
  • Ability to adjust rapidly and frequently to new situations, able to help others accept and adapt to change.
  • Sound planning and organising skills.

Responsibilities and Duties


  • Program DesignMake CNC machines to perform tasks such as cutting, drilling, milling, scribing, printing, etc.
  • Translate structural panel CAD data to a readable CNC format in accordance with the CNC machine requirements.
  • Program the CNC machine cutting sequence to produce the most efficient and highest quality parts.
  • Work with engineering, design and manufacturing team to continuously improve the CNC process to achieve optimum performance and quality.
  • Understand specifications of the task at hand and the desired result by reading blueprints, mechanical drawings etc.
  • Translate instructions into computer commands so the machines can perform the correct function
  • Prepare and load raw materials and parts onto the machines
  • Prepare a test run to check if the machines produce outputs according to specifications
  • Set machines to complete full cycles to fabricate large number of parts
  • Supervise the machines while they execute the tasks and make any necessary adjustments to produce a better result
  • Inspect and measure finished products and compare them with requirements to determine if the process has been completed properly
  • Check and maintain machinery daily to ensure functionality

Professional Development

  • Act as knowledge ambassador for CNC programming.

Product Development and Best Practice

  • Maintain an active and enquiring approach to research.

Interpretation of results and collaboration

  • Demonstrate awareness of the implications of design on the efficient operation of manufacturing equipment. Set rules and propose solutions to optimise manufacturing efficiency.
  • Effectively collaborate with the design and delivery team, striving for continuous improvement.

Lendlease Core Values


  • Respect for all people – their ideas, their culture, their views, their health and safety, and their knowledge.


  • Integrity is non-negotiable. We don’t do it if it compromises the individual or the company’s integrity. In particular, we will not compromise on safety either within our organisation or in doing business with any of our clients or suppliers.


  • Challenge and seek and find a better solution, think outside the box and dare to do things differently. Be innovative and creative – don’t just do it because we did it yesterday.


  • Redefine the way our business works by truly sharing knowledge, building on this and drawing insights. Through teamwork we value the insights of others and build on them – we must truly take the time to help.


  • We strive for excellence in all we do. It is evident not only in the products and services we deliver, but in how we deliver them. Our employees embody excellence – whether it be in the decisions they make, the products they build, or the service they deliver. On construction sites in particular, but everywhere excellence equals zero incidents.


  • We insist on transparency and accountability from our people so that our business can achieve its goals. We build trusted relationships with our clients, partners and colleagues. We earn each other’s trust and the trust of our shareholders, partners and the communities in which we operate to do our best to deliver in their best interests.

INCIDENT & INJURY FREE (IIF): Business Unit Executive Roles & Responsibilities

Lendlease will operate Incident & Injury Free and we are committed to realising this wherever we have a presence. As a Lend Lease employee you will be responsible for the support and promotion of IIF culture, behaviours and practices.

Section One – Incident & Injury Free Vision, Values and Behaviours

As an employee of Lend Lease I undertake to act and behave in the following manner:
Continually hold myself and those who work for me (if appropriate to your role) accountable for safe outcomes
Make safety my highest priority and always ensure it comes first in all business reviews and decisions
Live and work to the proviso that every incident is preventable

Section Two – All Employee Operational Responsibilities
Read, understand and sign my Health & Safety Roles and Responsibilities.
Hold a current Lend Lease Health & Safety Passport, applicable for the specific role
Pursue and complete any identified role specific Health & Safety competency training including Global Minimum Requirements (GMR) Means and Methods (M&M) training.
Speak up when I observe any unsafe actions or conditions.
Report all incidents / injuries and near misses.
Read all Health & Safety correspondence or alerts and take action where appropriate.
Comply with any direction I receive regarding the safety of my work environment.
Hold myself and my reports accountable for Health & Safety performance.

Section Three – Primary or Direct Responsibilities
Carry out the Contractor/service provider selection process as required by Global Minimum Requirements P&D 2.1(GMR P&D 2.1).
Complete Pre Start Checklist (GMR P&D 2.2) prior to any works commencing.
Ensure that ‘Risk and Opportunity at Design’ (ROAD) reviews are carried out, actions identified, outcomes implemented and closed out.
Ensure Contractors and Service Providers provide the required safety documentation and the nominated safe method of works.
Ensure that a system of ensuring that contractors and service providers comply with the nominated safe work methods is in place. This shall include spot checks which may be part of a wider inspection programme.
Take part in monthly inspections of project/asset and ensure all major safety issues are adequately addressed.
Any other additional Health & Safety responsibilities agreed between yourself and your manager as applicable.

The above Position Description reflects the essential functions of the position at this time, however this list is not finite and duties may change as required, at management’s discretions.

Please forward your interest and resume to

George Konstandakos
Head of DesignMake
Level 16, Tower Three, International Towers Sydney
Exchange Place, 300 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo NSW 2000
M +61 409 331 080
george.konstandakos@lendlease.com | www.lendlease.com

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